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Polished Salon provides a fun and new approach to healthy, natural nails in a fume-free and safe environment.

Created almost 9 years ago, our primary focus of natural nails allows us to use techniques and products specifically tailored to prolong polish wear on natural nails. 

                    Polished Salon Statement on COVID-19

As part of Delaware Phase 2 reopening that started on June 8th, for personal services such as nail salons, we at Polished are doing our best to follow the state guidelines. All Polished locations have implemented the following in an effort to do our part in protecting the health and wellbeing of our customers and teams.

  • ​Reopened on an appointment-only basis. Walk-ins are not permitted.
  • There a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes between appointments for proper cleaning.
  • A sneeze guard has been placed at every manicure station.
  • Stations are opened on a staggered basis, every other station is operating with a customer.
  • We’re operating at 30% of the fire code occupancy.